‘finest hand-picked vintages from the honest winemaker’

TGIF Wines sources all its labels directly from the best, lesser known, family-owned, and non-pretentious châteaux who believe in producing the finest vintages, yet sell their produce to the local community at reasonable prices. These properties lie ‘just next door’ to famous appellations but are on the other side of the boundary line. The terroir might be comparable to their famous neighbours yet the price tag is a quarter or less.

These châteaux don’t feature in the wine magazines, nor are they written about by so called ‘connoisseurs’ or ‘oenologists’. But that does not change the fact that these châteaux still produce high quality wine through generations of knowledge of the terroir and expertise in winemaking.

With investments in such châteaux and years of relationship with winemakers across generations, TGIF Wines brings these labels directly to the Asian consumers through our distribution network, at prices which don’t burn a hole in the pockets of the consumer.