‘ a good wine for you is a wine you like ’

TGIF Wines was conceived out of passion for fine old world wines by a Franco-Indian wine enthusiast family with an aim to support the local Bordeaux vintner community.

Ask an average Frenchman in Bordeaux where he buys his wine from, chances are he will point towards a family-owned château in his neighboring village which makes fine quality wine priced for daily consumption.

Bordeaux wine in Asia suffers from the (mis)perception of being expensive. This is largely because of the following reasons:

  • Asian markets being flooded with the more expensive and premium vintages (think Château Margaux) which rightfully command high prices
  • lack of knowledge of the average Asian wine drinker on how to distinguish between the good from the not-so-good, so anything French can be marketed to them as ‘premium’

The label is what almost all wine enthusiasts have to go on. They look for any clue that might lead them to a good wine, something that they have heard of, or impressive words such as ‘grand cru classé’. What this does is drive up the price.

With over 30 years of experience of the Bordeaux terroir, investments in multiple vineyards & a deep knowledge of the Asian consumer, TGIF Wines’ mission is to bring fine quality Bordeaux wines from handpicked, lesser known châteaux at fair market prices to the Asian consumer.

As a famous Bordeaux vintner once said, “a good wine for you is the wine you like”

“A heavier bottle equals higher quality”


“Wine critics know which wine is best for you”


“The older the wine, the better it is”


“The more expensive the wine, the better it is”