‘purveyor of fine Bordeaux wines at fair market prices’


‘a good wine for you is the wine you like ’
TGIF Wines was conceived out of passion for fine old world wines by a Franco-Indian wine enthusiast family with an aim to support the local Bordeaux vintner community.

With over 30 years of experience of the Bordeaux terroir, investments in multiple vineyards & a deep knowledge of the Asian consumer, TGIF Wines’ mission is to bring fine quality Bordeaux wines from handpicked, lesser known châteaux at fair market prices to the Asian consumer.


‘finest hand-picked vintages from the honest winemaker’
TGIF Wines sources all its labels directly from the best, lesser known, family-owned, and non-pretentious châteaux who believe in producing the finest vintages, yet sell their produce to the local community at reasonable prices. These properties lie ‘just next door’ to famous appellations but are on the other side of the boundary line. The terroir might be comparable to their famous neighbours yet the price tag is a quarter or less.


‘purveyor of fine Bordeaux wines at fair market prices’
Quality without compromise is central to the TGIF Wines philosophy. Our châteaux produce wines that reflect their origin, and show the characteristics that we associate with the Bordeaux region and vineyard sites from where the fruit was sourced.

We, along with our community of vintners, share the ethos that price should not be a hindrance to get access to quality Bordeaux wine for the Asian consumer. Because when it comes to fine things in life, everybody deserves quality.


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